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$10USD will be donated by Nerds On Site for each new hosting account sold in December

[This post comes from our Nerds Hosting Team]
Baan Luuk Rak (meaning “Home of Beloved Children) in Thailand is a home to many children and youth from the ages of 4-17 that need our help. These children require basic needs such as food/water, clothing, and shelter. The hosting, backup and development team touched based with our good friends at Dragonfly to help with their on going effort to help the children of Thailand.
Our first goal is to focus on the immediate needs of the children –  food , water, clothing, and shelter.  Here’s how it will work, just do what you always do (and more if you can), and we will make a donation to Dragonfly that FULLY goes to help the children (no administration fees being held). How much?
$10USD will be donated by Nerds On Site to the Dragon Fly Community Foundation for each hosting account sold during the month of December, 2010.  Contact our team (1-877-MY-NERDS) today to switch to Nerds On Site hosting!

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