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2010 – The Rise of Email

In his annual email predictions blog entry for 2010 (, Matt Blumberg has predicted a sharp increase in the amount of email traffic that will flow across the Internet in the upcoming year. Every year more and more pundits declare the death of email, but they couldn’t be more wrong. According to, 247 billion emails are sent every single day. Many people will point to the incredible rise and growth of social media, but fail to realize that these services generally rely on email for notifications and alerts. Thus, as social media continues to grow and integrate into an increasing array of business activities, it falls to email to continue to hold it all together and provide a single point of contact. The marketing companies certainly believe this trend, and that is why marketing experts are predicting a strong growth in email marketing.
What this all means for the average business person is a sharp increase in email being sent to their inbox, and a steadily growing percentage of it will be spam. That is why it is increasingly important to ensure your email is being handled by a hosting company that provides for three things:

  • Unlimited email traffic
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Adaptive spam protection

Our clients can look to Nerds On Site for exactly this and more, with over 6 layers of spam filtering and protection and hosted Exchange services for even the most demanding of office environments.

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