Fill the Beetle to Feed the People in Peterborough

This Past Saturday the Peterborough had it’s very first Fill the Beetle to Feed the People.
We had 4 Nerd Mobiles, and they were all packed, you could not see out the back and some even had food in the front seat. We almost couldn’t close the hatch it was tight.
It was also world food day that day too, so what better day to do a food drive.
We brought in a total of 2362 Pounds of Food.
Many thanks to the Nerds that took time out to travel to Peterborough to Help.

Good News From the Newspaper

I don’t read the daily newspaper, but I flick through the weekend one now and again.
This page 9 story from a month ago, Good News, INSPIRING news.
Seems 40,000 Australians lost their Millionaire status during the GFC when the sharemarkets took a dive.
But since then Australia has been turning out 15 new millionaires A DAY during the past 2 years, that’s now more than 180,000 Aussies with a 7 figure personal fortune.
The story sites two reasons, property & ENTREPRENEURSHIP !!!