Nerds On Site

Day: January 26, 2012

Secure Email Passwords

About two years ago, Nerds On Site implemented a strong password policy for all our email users. Because of todays technology it\’s become trivial to \”crack\” weak passwords, it\’s too easy for malicious software and people to take control of email accounts – this means someone could send emails from your account without your knowledge. By strengthening your password, you\’re reducing the risk.

Apple iBooks Author Changes Everything

Apple\’s newly-launched iBooks Author will change everything. Alex Lindsay wrote a comprehensive post about this here. We agree and overall we\’re thrilled about how education is entering a new phase, powered by intelligently-applied and practical use of technology. Not just for the sake of technology itself, but because it allows us to learn and understand more in a shorter period of time. As a father, I am very thrilled about my children being able to access iBooks textbooks.

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