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7 Ways to Speed Up Your Business Computers

A slow computer will hurt your bottom line as staff wait for applications to load and work. When you add it up, minutes turn into hours, which turn into days of each month of unproductive time spent waiting for the computer to do what it needs to do. In addition, it can result in your I.T. department and consultants spending time troubleshooting various issues related to the sluggish systems.
There is an excellent article up on Mashable that describes 7 things that can be done to speed up a slow workstation – for those who feel comfortable doing such things, or have the time to dedicate to it.
If you don\’t feel comfortable performing these tasks, and would rather take that time to focus on your business, call a Nerd! We can take the necessary steps to speed up your workstations, and find out *why* a system is being sluggish. A slow computer can point to larger issues, which we will pinpoint and find solutions for. In some cases, we may recommend getting a new computer, as your money may be better invested in a new system instead of fixing the old one.
That said, there are some very good tips in the article, which goes on to say that age, malware, and unneeded applications also slow down computers.
\”While age is a commonly cited cause of slow PC performance, there are usually additional reasons,\” explains the Mashable article. \”Many users have no idea that their computers are bogged down with unneeded applications, adware (malware), cookies, and massive amounts of background processes. Left unaddressed, these issues hinder PC performance, decrease productivity, and increase the amount of time spent dealing with IT problems. So what can be done? Here are seven things.\”

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