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A QNAP NerdCare Leads to an Ecstatic Client!

Although we certainly sell computer and other components to our clients, ideally we encourage clients to have us support their equipment as well, rather than only being called when problems occur, or clients attempt to resolve things themselves and only call us when something frustrates them enough. One of the ways we support our clients is through NerdCare Assurance Plans and our NerdCare Support Team.
We\’re in business to ensure our clients get the most of their technology, and that means involving the right people to get the job done right the first time.
\”This morning, Scott (Ledyard) helped me finalize a 5-bay QNAP NerdCare for a new client,\” Kevin O\’Reilly, a Nerd in Brampton, Ontario said. \”It has taken a bit of time. Scott pointed me in the right direction, and today I needed a half hour of his time for a call with me and the client, to basically to dot the \”i\’s\” and cross the \”T\’s\”. After we disconnected from Scott, it was only minutes before the client gave us approval! I\’m sure having Scott on a call was the last \”nudge\” it took, as the client could see teamwork happening right there.\”
\”The QNAP project (month of planning) install was slated for this week, though Scott was away until today. I had everything we need for an only 30 minute call to finalize details, minimize his config time, and allow me the time to migrate the data from the Mac Server and setup backups of 6 workstations to the QNAP on Friday.\”
The install and setup ended up taking all day Friday, and thus more time than we had anticipated, but Scott was still lurking on a remote session, and communicated with Kevin throughout the process.
\”Scott followed up off-hours, and over the weekend. His attention to detail was actually more than I had expected,\” Kevin said. \”I had all the info he needed ahead of time, and what I wanted/expected. He did expand on that a bit (RAID6 as opposed to RAID5… and a few other things.\”
\”I would HIGHLY recommend utilizing the NerdCare Support Team, including Scott, in assisting our clients, just based on this one experience!\”
[Kevin O\’Reilly, a Nerd in Brampton, Ontario, contributed to this post]

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