Workstation Monitoring with Level Platforms – Why Businesses Need It

Many businesses are reactive when it comes to their technology. If it breaks, they get it fixed. If something isn’t working properly, they spend the money to get it working again. Over time, this can get quite costly. Thankfully, we have the ability to remotely monitor hardware and software using Level Platforms. If your server is slow, we get an alert. If a virus infects a workstation, we get an alert. If the CPU (processor) is running hot, we get an alert.


WooThemes Framework shortcode exploit has been fixed

For anyone that is using a WordPress Woothemes Template/Theme should be aware that they have recently released a Framework download to resolve a security vulnerability they have identified. Another reason to respect WordPress and those select companies that are releasing premium template themes. They are always on top of the ever present threats from hackers…


Windows XSS Vulnerability, There's a Patch for That, and Who Says Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Grenades?

[Thanks to Nerd Dennis Houseknecht for this post] – Another XSS (cross site scripting) vulnerability has been found in Windows, and there is exploit code in the wild. Although Microsoft has not yet issued a patch, there is a workaround fix available. – The average Windows user has 22 apps installed (or four times that…


Windows LIVE email and password theft

In light of reduced SPAM as of late, I was somewhat surprised to see phishing and theft attempts as sophisticated as this come through to my inboxes today – at least one in each of my different email addresses, but all came from email accounts of friends on Facebook. I searched the major anti-virus and malware vendors as well as google and twitter and nothing turned up, so maybe I’m just one of the first to be hit.


Wifi in Airports are Risky

This is hardly shocking, wi-fi networks in airports are very risky. It is crucial to set up SSL connections and/or a VPN connection to secure communications on public networks. Laptops should be configured to connect to infrastructure networks only – airports are full of rogue ad-hoc “free” wi-fi opportunities (as in opportunities to be hacked).