Google-bombing Conficker

Careful what you search for and click on — at least if you’re using Google you benefit from its association with Of course as I searched for “Conficker nmap” this just now, the first hit is: googlesearch-confickernmap As I click on it, here’s the warning: googlesearch-confickernmap-badware If you click on “Why was this site…


TinyURL and Security Issues WSINWIG (What You See Is NOT What You Get)

We have all seen URLs like this one: It is, well, a bit long. Sites like and For the security conscious among us, this represents a troubling security issue. Normally, hovering the mouse cursor over a link will show the actual URL, regardless of the text used in the link. This is a…


Wifi in Airports are Risky

This is hardly shocking, wi-fi networks in airports are very risky. It is crucial to set up SSL connections and/or a VPN connection to secure communications on public networks. Laptops should be configured to connect to infrastructure networks only – airports are full of rogue ad-hoc “free” wi-fi opportunities (as in opportunities to be hacked).