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An Occupational Hazard Your Clients May Not Know About

[this post is from Dennis Houseknecht, a Nerd from West Virgina]
Are you concerned about identity theft? They should be. Most of us are.
Half of all identity theft occurs in the workplace. Think about it. Your employer has your name, address, phone number, Social Security / Social Insurance / National Identification number, and more personal information on file. Few SMEs have tight security internally.
SME clients should be concerned, because they CAN and WILL be held liable for a breach. Your clients should also be concerned, because they, or someone in their family, probably works somewhere that has lack of tight information security internally.
What can you do? TALK to ALL your clients and colleagues about security, and educate each of on what steps need to be taken to improve security practices.
Everyone should question their employers about SECURITY, and demanding that they make it clear what security measures are being taken, and what steps are being taken to further protect employee and client data.
The NerdCare Support Team can help SME clients with their security concerns! Contact us today!

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