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Angry Birds Threatening More Than Just Pigs, and a Potentially Serious Windows Vulnerability

[thanks to Nerd Dennis Housknecht for this post]
Angry Birds Threatening More Than Just Pigs
Free is always a good price. Games like Angry Birds and Monkey Jump can be fun and addictive (and major time-killers), but be careful about downloading them from third-party sites. These games can be cloned and wrapped in malware.
This raises a much broader issue – as mobile devices like the iPad come into the workplace, what are the security threats that come with them? We will be covering several of them in upcoming Security Corner articles.
A Potentially Serious Windows Vulnerability
A security researcher yesterday revealed a potentially serious flaw in the Microsoft SMB service. Not all the details are known, but vulnerability tracker Secunia has speculated that this buffer overflow exploit could result in remote code execution (you don\’t want that). We will keep an eye on this one and keep you updated.

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