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Another Disaster Averted – Thanks to System Monitoring and the NerdCare Support Team!

\"\"This past weekend, one of our Nerds, Daryl Siemens (London, ON) was camping with his family, when he got an alert from the NerdCare Support Team that a hard drive was failing. One can imagine Daryl panicking and rushing his family home so he can rush over to his client to replace the hard drive, or rushing to find another available Nerd to go and help his client.
Instead, he was able to continue enjoying camping with his family, knowing the NCST was contacting Dell and having the hard drive replaced the very next business day. This gave him tremendous peace of mind.
\”Thanks to Level Platforms and the Nerdcare Support Team, a failed hard-drive was detected, Dell was called, and a replacement was sent out and installed,\” Daryl said. \”All of this happened without me touching the PC or even going on-site. Best yet, the client didn\’t even know until I told them the disaster that was avoided!\”

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