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Apple iBooks Author Changes Everything

\"\"Apple\’s newly-launched iBooks Author will change everything. Alex Lindsay wrote a comprehensive post about this here. We agree and overall we\’re thrilled about how education is entering a new phase, powered by intelligently-applied and practical use of technology. Not just for the sake of technology itself, but because it allows us to learn and understand more in a shorter period of time. As a father, I am very thrilled about my children being able to access iBooks textbooks.

About Authoring

Alex also points out that any author who has had publishing experience, is now looking at a 70% proposition (vs ~17% with publishers).
I noticed that avid bloggers that represent the publishing industry have remained completely quiet about iBooks Author, because they feel like the rug is being pulled out from under them, literally.

Learning for Everyone

While the western world and those that can afford an iPad are excited, this is not the case for the less fortunate. What has not been addressed is how to get an iPad into more learning hands. Competition and market forces will hopefully do their part to drive the price down so a larger scale adoption becomes possible.

Beware the EULA – End User License Agreement

Make no mistake, Apple seems to own your books when you use this tool. There\’s been a strong voice from social media against this direction of Apple. Arstechnica says they are inviting Anti-trust concerns. This is a battle that is far from over, and it has only begun.
This will be very disruptive to an entire industry and many more battles are yet to come… in the end, there are always winners. The winners will be content creators (and Apple), that\’s for certain.

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