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Apple Photo Stream uses Amazon AWS S3 services

\"\"As all nerds (and non-nerds) should be, I try to be security-conscious everywhere. One of the ways I stay aware on my MacBook Air is to use a little tool called Little Snitch, which I strongly recommend. Steve Jobs\’ last keynote included a tour of Apple\’s new Data Centre and we assumed Apple, in its usual fashion, would keep its entire ecosystem close to its chest including all of the iCloud-related services.\"\"
Well, what Little Snitch is telling me here is that Photo Stream is actually streaming the photos out to Amazon\’s S3 service. In the screenshot you see that /Applications/ LoginItems/ MacOS/PhotoStreamAgent is attempting to make an https connection to ( With North-American IP addresses, you can look them up at and you can see that IP address is owned by Amazon.
While it\’s a little surprising, it makes perfect sense that Apple would use the low-cost commoditized services from Amazon to host the Photo Stream data. We (Nerds On Site) certainly use Amazon\’s array of services ourselves and for our clients, so this is a good thing!

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