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Are .co Domains the New .com?

\"\"The domain extension for Columbia is .co, and at first glance you might think that is a typo, but it\’s not. For years, the dominant domain extension for business on the Internet has been .com, but with the number of possible (short) .com domains all but extinguished, many businesses are waking up to the possibility of using the .co domain extension instead.
You may have already run into uses of the .co domain extension, primarily with URL shorteners. URL shorteners are popular in instant messaging, as it allows the user to shorten a long URL (eg. to something very short and quick to type (eg. Twitter has been using as their URL shortener, and the version is from GoDaddy.
Today, many major businesses are starting to take advantage of the relatively uncluttered field of .co domains. Consider this: as of today there are 95,102,308 .com domains in use (, but less than 1 million .co domains registered. There are so many possibilities for a GREAT new .co domain name for your business! Imagine being able to finally get that short domain name for your business!
Recently, made their main site URL. See how much easier it is to reference, remember or share their URL? Amazon just purchased,, and Analysts believe they may be using for their Kindle product line, and that makes a lot of sense. During the 2011 SuperBowl, GoDaddy made .co domains an important part of their advertising, even unveiling a \’new\’ GoDaddy .co girl to celebrate this.
With these big developments in the .co world, .co domains will start dissapearing very fast. Talk to our team today to learn what\’s possible for your site! Call us now at 1-877-MY-NERDS, or email us today: [email protected].

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