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Availability Comparison: GoDaddy

You can have the best website in the world, but if it isn\’t up, what good is it? While you might struggle to put an exact dollar figure on the cost of downtime for your business, you know it\’s there. Every moment that your website is down is time that client\’s can\’t learn about your company, can\’t contact you for information or sales and damage to your reputation increases.
GoDaddy is a very popular hosting platform, accounting for approximately 22% of the hosting market according to Established in 1997, GoDaddy is now well known for their racy commercials and GoDaddy girls. GoDaddy offers domain registration services as well as shared hosting offerings.
The first difference between Nerds On Site and GoDaddy from an uptime perspective is GoDaddy\’s reluctance to publish their availability statistics, making it difficult for a prospective client to properly evaluate their offerings, and raising the question of trust. If a company hides their uptime statistics, can you trust them? How would you know if your website was up or not? As a business owner, you have better things to do than monitor your website, and with Nerds On Site you can simply follow our Twitter feed or watch our trust site for all the information you need.
We are left to explore GoDaddy\’s possible uptime through third-party tools, which are not as accurate as the company\’s internal numbers must be. However, reports that GoDaddy has maintained a 99.971% uptime ranking since 2005. This translates to 3 nines of uptime, which is short of the 4 nines of uptime that Nerds On Site has been providing to our clients all year.
When choosing a web host, you can trust Nerds On Site over GoDaddy to keep your website up. Our uptime stats are a full level higher than GoDaddy, and we publish our uptime statistics. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your online revenues!

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