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AVG update snafu can render Win 7 x64 unbootable

An update was released by Grisoft (makers of AVG Anti-Virus) that caused Windows 7 64-bit to become unbootable in some cases. There hasn\’t been a lot of buzz on the internet about this story for some reason, probably because the update was pulled so quickly.
According to the AVG Forums:
\”This issue is limited to 64-bit systems only, currently it looks like not all 64-bit systems though, we are investigating. The updated has been pulled from our servers and if you have not been affected by this issue, it is OK to update normally.
We will release some tool to help in fixing the systems affected by this bug. Also, a few users here in the forum have posted excellent descriptions of fixes that do not require full use of the Rescue CD. In short, during boot, boot into the command mode (pressing F8) and rename/remove the AVG program folder, then boot normally. After this, you can run the repair installation of AVG.
See for example an excellent description here by Pulse21\”
Again, please, accept our apologies and stay tuned for a more detailed description and a fix.\”
Update: more information can be found here on the AVG Free blog: PC Pro also has a story on this issue:

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