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Avoid Being a Victim of Fake Anti-Virus Scams

More and more people are becoming victims of Phishing Attacks while surfing the internet. They try to lure people by suddenly presented users with a pop-up message saying that their computer is infected, and that they need to download an anti-virus program to remove the infections found.
The most recent Fake Antivirus attack includes a very convincing Windows Update clone. The giveaway? the real Windows Update can\’t be accessed through Firefox. It can only be accessed directly from Windows itself or via Internet Explorer.
These scams rely on the fact that when people see them, they\’ll impulsively react similar to \”Oh my goodness, I have viruses?! Yes, please, remove them!\”
PLEASE do not fall for these scams. They rely on the fact that you will not take a moment to think it through. No antivirus product or security product can scan you system for infections in a matter of seconds like these pop-up messages claim to.
In addition, many of these infections will demand your credit card to remove anything it supposedly has found (your computer isn\’t actually infected). This can lead to fraud or identity theft!!
Secondly, as a rule of thumb, DO NOT download or install software you have never heard of before. If you are even the least bit skeptical, please contact us, and we\’ll be happy to answer those kind of quick questions. It could help avoid hours of removing the infections from your computer!

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