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Blazing Speeds with Business Hosting

\"\"We recently moved one of our clients, ( to our new Business Hosting platform, and even our team was surprised by the results!  First, a little background – we recently stood up our new Business Hosting platform, which is a physically separate hosting system from our Basic Hosting platform, and have begun moving our Business Hosting clients to this new platform.  The new platform adds amazing security and speed features, and we\’ll be talking at great length about these new features in some future blog posts.  (Some new features are built-in CDN, offline mode, malware detection, Denial of Service protection, web optimization and much more!)
After moving to the new platform, we turned to a third-party ( and asked them to test the site and give us their feedback on it\’s speed and optimization.  Remember, we did NOTHING to the site except move it to the new platform.  Pingdom reported that the site was now faster than 90% of all the sites they\’ve ever tested, loading in just 929ms.  WOW!  Now, every website will see different results, but imagine what we can do for your site by moving it to our Business Hosting platform!  Contact our team today to learn more.

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