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Cloud Server Vs. Dedicated Server: Choosing What Works For Your Business

Setting up the IT component of any business presents its challenges and requires a great deal of planning. The first (and maybe most important) consideration is whether to go with a locally-housed dedicated server or a cloud-based solution. The Difference Between A Cloud Server And A Dedicated Server Each system has its advantages and disadvantages

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How To Fix Wi-Fi Dead Spots

Have you ever wandered off to a quiet spot in your home, gotten comfortable, opened your laptop, and then realized you didn’t have a Wi-Fi signal? This is a problem with growing spaces—sometimes the Wi-Fi signal isn’t robust enough to make it to every square inch of your house. Too big of a space or

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Ransomware: What It Is & How To Remove It From Your Computer

Ransomware is malware that takes over your computer and holds it hostage ​and demands payment before your computer will function properly again. Ransomware seizes control of the computer, can terminate programs, encrypts data so it will not open up, and makes programs inaccessible – except to reach locations which allow you to pay the ransom. You\’ve been Jacked!

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Home Office Essentials to Make Your Workspace More Productive

Working from home has become the norm for many people today. For freelancers, small business owners, and those working remotely, it provides a certain freedom and lifestyle enrichment. With today’s technologies, there is little you can do in an office building that you can’t do from home—provided you have the right equipment. You know you

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7 Advantages Of Outsourcing Your IT Functions

Technology is the engine that drives nearly every business out there today. But with the exception of technology companies themselves, the technical side of things is not the core competency of most businesses. But someone has to manage the technology and critical data for these companies. The need for dedicated IT staff is undeniable. The

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Why Your Small Business Should Use a VPN

The internet is an essential but dangerous tool, especially for small businesses. According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report, 58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses, and over 70% of cyber attackers deliberately target small businesses. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s a reality. Every small business owner needs to do

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How To Secure A Business Wi-Fi Network: 15 Things You Should Do

Whatever business you’re in, today’s world dictates that technology is the backbone of that business. Your important and sensitive data lives on your servers and systems.  But how secure is it, and why should you worry about it? Make no mistake—there are bad actors out there who would love to get their hands on that

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Cyber Security Tips That Will Keep Your Business Safe While Traveling

If you have your own business, travel is often an important part of keeping that business growing. On top of the business trips are the well-deserved vacations you need to relax, unwind, recharge, and refocus. Traveling can bring a number of worries to business owners. Stepping away from your business (even for a short time)

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Why Your IoT Devices Make You An Easy Target For Cybercrime

The internet has become a widely available and essential part of everyday life. More devices now exist with wi-fi capabilities and sensors—technology designed to make your business more productive and your home life more efficient. We can turn our lights on or off or reset our thermostats with the tap of a touchscreen. We can

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Understanding Malware: How Cyber-Criminals Launch Their Attacks

The internet is full of bad actors—people with malicious intent out to steal your information and use it in potentially costly ways. A new study by McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) suggests the cost of global cyber-crime was $600 billion last year. That is a frightening increase from 2014 when

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What Is Smishing (And How To Protect Yourself)

Smishing is a new form of phishing that uses text messaging instead of email. It’s a growing problem worldwide, happening over 30 million times per day! Smishing scammers try to trick you into giving personal information by pretending to be a trusted person or business. They might ask for your name, email address, credit card

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6 Common IT Problems All Small Businesses Face (And How To Fix Them)

IT struggles are a very real (and very frustrating) problem for many businesses. But, good news: many of these problems can be resolved relatively easily if you know what to look for. Check out 6 of the most common computer and IT issues every small business faces and what you can do to fix them if they happen to you.

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8 Cyber Security Tips Your Employees Need to Practice in the Workplace

Incidents of cyber crime are escalating at an alarming rate. It is estimated that the global cost of cyber crime will top $2 trillion in 2019. And it’s not just large companies and government institutions cyber criminals are after. In fact, it is small business that have become the favourite target of cyber criminals. According

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Increase Your Network Security with "Whitelisting"

The internet is a marvelous place. With millions upon millions of sites to choose from, what you can find, what you can see, what you can learn, where you can go and what you can buy and have delivered to your door in under 24 hours is nearly limitless. Truly remarkable. But make no mistake,

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How To Fire Your IT Professional While Protecting Your Data

Firing an employee is never easy and never pleasant. Firing your IT pro or Systems Administrator comes with a whole other set of issues. Often referred to as “the keeper of the keys”, this individual has the access and ability to seriously compromise, even sabotage, your data and systems on their way out the door,

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Second Career for Retired Military Personnel

Looking for a Few Good Nerds, Click Here Excellent Second Career Opportunity for Retired Military Personnel As an established and trusted IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) with an expanding footprint across the United States, Nerds On Site is always looking to add top talent to our growing team. We want the best and brightest and

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Getting Your High School Grad Tech-Ready for the Next Step

Time flies! It seems like just yesterday she was all pigtails and puddle jumping, and mere weeks ago that you were teaching him how to knot a tie for his first school dance. (Does anyone wear ties to school dances anymore?) And now, Poof!, they’re off to pursue higher education – away from you. It’s

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How To Hire The Right IT Professional For Your Business

As your company grows, there is no doubt you will need a dedicated IT professional to oversee and manage your technology – the lifeblood of any modern enterprise. In today’s ever-changing landscape, your data remains your most valued commodity, so hiring the right IT personnel to safeguard this data, avoid crippling downtime, and keep your

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End of the Line for HTTP

The online world is becoming increasingly unfriendly for non-HTTPS websites, and today Nerds Hosting is announcing that as of July 9, 2018, our hosting services will no longer serve non-https content. What is HTTPS The \’S\’ in HTTPS stands for secure, and this indicates that your website is being served to your end-client via an

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WordPress Removes \”Contact Form DB\” Plugin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] (the official maintainer of WordPress and the main repository of WordPress plugins) has removed a plugin called \”Contact Form DB\” from their database. This has had the effect of automatically removing this plugin from all WordPress websites that used it. Now, this plugin being gone might not effect your website in any way, but

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Supported Versions of PHP

The Nerds Hosting team is constantly working to improve our services and security, and the world of technology continues to iterate on the versions of all the software that we employ to host websites.  PHP is the most popular programming language that websites on our servers utilize, and we keep a close eye on the

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CloudFlare Bug Potentially Exposes Private Information

Nerds Hosting uses CloudFlare to power certain aspects of our hosting infrastructure, and thus we felt it important to share some thoughts on the CloudFlare bug that was exposed last week. Unfortunately, the bug in question is very technical in nature and hard to explain clearly and concisely. Since many clients may have read something about

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Managed WordPress Mode Could Have Prevented Panama Papers Leak?

The Panama Papers leak is being called the largest confidential leak in history by some, and it\’s embarrassing many, with already at least one head of state resigning because of it. As Nerds, we might be a bit more interested in how this happened, and how we can prevent our clients from being attacked in

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Benefits of SSL for a Website

SSL for websites has been free for all clients hosted with Nerds On Site for quite some time now.  The uptake on this free feature has been very low so far, and you may wonder what advantages you might have in turning it on for your site.  Why should you use SSL for your website?

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WildCard SSL Turned

Just over 1 year ago we announced that a WildCard SSL certificate (retailing around $42USD/$58CAD/R656ZAR per month) would be included in each and every Nerds Hosting account. At the same time we announced that you would get the ability to turn on a \’Forced SSL\’ mode, which would force all traffic to your client\’s website

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Encryption Backdoor Myth

Just when the tide was turning in the US towards allowing encryption, Paris happened. There is undeniable heavy emotion around attacks on human life of any kind, and that is the danger when it comes to the shaping of public opinion and policy. It was quite predictable that this event would take no time at

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Nerds Hosting Concierge Service

Hosting services can be full of confusing jargon and buzzwords, and moving a domain name, website or email to a new service can seem overwhelming.  If you are a client that just has no idea what is involved in moving a domain, and don\’t know what EPP codes are, Nerds On Site\’s Hosting Concierge Service

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