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Building Projects For People In Need

\"\"Who doesn’t love mud? You can squish your toes in it, mask your face with it, and even build your house with it. That’s what the Dragonfly Community Foundation aims to do here in Thailand, build people buildings out of mud bricks. This building technology is as old as dirt and just as cheap. It’s tough, sturdy, inexpensive, fast, and easy to do even for children. So far we’ve built at five different orphanages across Thailand, creating new spaces for the children and also involving them in the entire process so when the project is done, they can proudly say, “We built that!”
The adobe building season in Thailand coincides suspiciously with the dry season from November to May, and this season we’re looking at two or more projects to work on. One is at a poor school near our home base of Nakhon Ratchasima and the other is at a community for children and youth living with HIV and AIDS. At both of these sites, we’ll be teaching young people how to build with mud, which believe it or not is a great skill to have for the future. And they love it – getting dirty, being creative, and building something from the ground up. After all, who doesn’t love mud?
$10USD will be donated by Nerds On Site to the Dragon Fly Community Foundation for each hosting account sold during the month of December, 2010. Contact our team (1-877-MY-NERDS) today to switch to Nerds On Site hosting!

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