Would You Ask the Neighbour's Teenager to Fix Your Roof? So Why Let Them Build Your Website?

When it comes to you public image, your website is a MAJOR piece of your public image. The quality and simplicity of your site influences how long a client stays on your site to learn more about your business, or make a purchase of your services or products. Many people think the only solution is to hire the person next door, and this usually leads to failure, disappointment, and money wasted.

Stealing is Dangerous – why Apple in-app purchases should not be stolen

The Apple AppStore offers thousands of free apps. Many developers offer in-app purchases for extra functions. The system isn’t perfect because if you make an in-app purchase on one device, it is not transferrable to another. This is what thieves many of us use as a justification for bypassing the in-app purchase technology altogether, and…