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5 Reasons to use Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of your IT equipment is a simple and intelligent way to ensure the fundamental operations of your business is in good health. Services like your website, email, important servers for applications, your Internet connection, etc. Here are just five reasons you and your business will benefit from remote monitoring: Peace of Mind just …

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Why NerdBox with ClearOS

Our NerdBox is the Nerds On Site appliance that suits a typical SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) of any sector as a behind-the-scenes technology that facilitates core essential services that every SME needs. IT administrators who have been through historical IT infrastructure cycles, sometimes tend to have comfort in the old way of doing IT. …

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With the Help of Our Dedicated Team, We have WOWed Another Client!

With the help of several Nerds including David Redekop, Francois Rossouw, Jonathan Arnoldussen, Dennis Houseknecht, Glen Schafer, Werdus Pretorious, and Lourens Dormehl, who spent several hours of hard work and head scratching was done right into the very early morning. Solutions were tried, and workarounds found. That morning, when the client arrived at work, he could not help but smile when he saw us waiting for him at his office.

Financial Support for Business IT upgrades

Many governments around the world offer support programs to businesses, especially ones in manufacturing and export, since those industries can have a larger economic impact. For example, in Ontario, Canada, in combination with the Federal Government, the SMART program is offered, see: Your regional or federal government may offer similar programs. If your organization …

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