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Cisco Forces Their Cloud Management Service onto Home Routers

As of last week, Cisco began forcing it\’s cloud-based router management service onto customers using some of it\’s home-based routers.
This made the routers completely unusable unless customers agreed to the terms of service, which was interpreted to say that they agree to let Cisco monitor their internet usage and cut off access if content that Cisco deems unacceptable is detected. Understandably, this resulted in a LOT of upset people.
So, Cisco backtracked, clarified things, and made the cloud service simply an option, and have since stated that they do NOT monitor internet usage, but if illegal activity is detected, they will still cut off access.
More information can be found in the Ars Technica article:
\”Cisco is pushing a cloud-based WiFi router management service onto customers of certain Linksys devices—and that to use the service customers must agree to a list of anti-porn and anti-piracy clauses.
The trouble is that for customers with automatic firmware updates turned on, the traditional (and very useful) router management tools available in a Web browser at the address became completely unavailable. Instead, you had to sign up for Cisco’s cloud service, roll back your firmware, or just forget about using advanced router management features.\”
In Cisco\’s lastest blog post, they state \”Users are not required (read: no longer required) to sign up for Cisco Connect Cloud, they can manage their routers without it, their service will not be terminated based on Internet usage. The routers do not gather personal data about Internet activities. New login credentials are only used for logging in to the service, and local administrative passwords aren’t stored online, and no software updates will be pushed out to users with the auto setting switched off.\”
Have you been affected by this, and are unsure of what to do? Give us a call today and we\’ll resolve things for you, or switch you to a new router so the issue can be avoided entirely.

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