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City of Lethbridge WiFi Network Continuing to Grow

Nerds On Site has worked with the City of Lethbridge for a couple of years now on planning and implementing a free, public WiFi network for shoppers, businesses and tourists in the downtown core of the city.


In the past week, our team has worked with the City to install 3 new access points, further broadening the network and making it more accessible to people in the downtown core.  One of the access points (4Ave,6St) is still not fully operational, but we continue to work on growing the network for the benefit of everyone!  The new access points are located at:

  • 4th Avenue, 6th Street – by the Bank of Montreal
  • 3rd Avenue, 5th Street – by the Club Cigar Store
  • 3rd Avenue, 7th Street – by Foster\’s Jewellers

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the next few weeks, as we are far from done with the growth of this network!

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