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Dell Offers VoIP Solution – But Only in Canada

\"\"Dell recently launched a VoIP product – Dell Voice (powered by Fongo), and it\’s only available in Canada (for now). Some might say this in direct response to Google Voice, which is only offered in the United States.
According to an article on
\”New users can get a randomly assigned local number upon registration, or pay $25 to have their existing phone number transferred. The service includes free incoming calls, with calls between Dell Voice members also costing you nothing. The Verge reports that while free calling to select Canadian cities is available, calls to other parts of Canada will face a $.04 connection charge.\”
Similar to another VoIP provider, Skype, it\’s currently available for Android, iOS and Windows (Desktop), and Blackberry as soon as next month.
As long as you\’re calling another Dell Voice user, you won\’t get charged. They provide you with  a local phone number that\’ll let you call to most cities in Canada, and includes caller ID, voice-mail, 911 service and long-distance calling for no additional charge.
Dell answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions on the Dell Voice website.
The application can be used on WiFi networks and on cellular data networks (3G, 4G). In some cases, it is being used to completely replace a monthly cell phone plan.
\”[It] Turned my old iPhone with no mobile plan into a free wifi phone with a local number,\” noted a user in a comment on the iTunes App Store page. \”Very excited for the BB app! This app works great!\”
UPDATE: If you want to use Dell Voice on your Windows-based computer, do NOT sign up for the account using your iPhone. Instead, sign up using the Desktop application, then you\’ll be able to use it on Windows and your iPhone.

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