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Determining How Much Storage Your Email Is Using

Starting on May 1, our legacy Basic hosting packages will see their mail storage space changed to 1GB per mailbox.  If you are currently using a Basic hosting package, it is important to determine how much mail storage space you are using in order to see if you will be affected by this change.  To this end, we\’ve prepared a short video tutorial showing you how to check your mail storage space on our system.

If you are using more than 1GB of total storage space for your mailbox, you can consider two options to resolve this issue.  First, you can consider upgrading your hosting package to a Business package, which will give you unlimited storage space.  A video tutorial showing you how to do this can be found here:  Secondly, for many clients their email storage problems come because of a mis-configuration of their mail client.  If you are using POP to download your email, please read this tutorial to see how to fix your email client\’s configuration and potentially save a lot of storage space.  You can read this tutorial here:

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