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Does Your Web Host Provide On-site and Remote Support?

There are countless hosting providers that offer reasonably priced domain names and hosting, but almost none of them offer the option of someone to come on-site or the ability to connect remotely through screen sharing to resolve an issue. Nerds On Site does.
For instance, GoDaddy offers live chat and email support, but does not offer the option for support representatives to connect remotely to a client’s computer and help them with a website, hosting, FTP, or other issue. They also offer forums, in which clients can ask tech support or other GoDaddy users questions in hopes of getting an answer to a problem.
Another provider, Dreamhost, works in a similar fashion, offering over the phone tech support, live chat, and email exchanges with support reps. They also offer forums for clients to exchange questions and answer, but they do not offer remote assistance.
Forums can be useful, but still require the client to use the steps in a post on their own, and the steps may or may not be correct or applicable to their situation.
Either way, clients are forced to go through the frustrating process of doing it themselves, albeit with someone or a document walking them through the process.
With phone support, clients are often forced to wait on hold, then be treated like a number. In some cases, they end up talking to outsourced tech support, which may require repeating things, time wasted, miscommunication, or possibly trying steps you’ve already done yourself.
Nerds Hosting offers email and phone support as well, but also offers remote screen sharing assistance. Anytime you have a problem or concern with your website, you can give your primary Nerd a call directly. You won’t wait on hold, they know who you are, and can arrange a day and time with you for an on-site visit, or connect via remote support.
Your Nerd can connect remotely to your computer and resolve any hosting related issue for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. If for some reason your Nerd is unable to assist you right away, he or she will get a member of the Nerds Hosting Team in touch with you as quickly as possible.
Contact our team today to learn how we can make solving your hosting problems a breeze!

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