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Downsides To Web-Based Email Solutions

Many of us have used web-based email, like Hotmail or Yahoo. They are convenient solutions that are quick and easy to use and are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, but there are some negatives that make using desktop-based programs worth considering.
Web-based email is only accessible if the computer you’re on has internet access. If for some reason your internet is down, you can’t even access it to read email, never mind respond to them. If for some reason the internet is slow, or the service is temporarily down, you’re out of luck until it’s working again.
Some providers only give each user a maximum amount of email storage, which can fill up easily, especially with large photos or other documents. Unless users take the time to clean out their email, they can quickly reach quota.
Another negative to free web-based email is that users have no control over the design. You can create folders and add content and filters, but the overall design is up to the provider. If they decide to change it suddenly, users are forced to re-learn it.
There have been known cases of email suddenly disappearing from web-based email accounts for no reason, and it can be very difficult to get a hold of customer support, who usually call it a ‘glitch’.
Using a Microsoft Exchange solution is a cost-effective way to make sure your email is always accessible from any internet and email capable device. Many companies offer this service, and redundantly backup your email, contacts, and calendar automatically as changes are made, so there is never a risk of losing the data.
If for some reason the connection to Microsoft Exchange is temporarily lost, you still have access to the previously downloaded data via your email client, such as Microsoft Outlook.
Another benefit is the practically unlimited storage space, so users never have to worry about cleaning out their email, which is important for business purposes.
Business users should never use free web-based email solutions. Using an Exchange solution that is designed for business will eliminate headaches and provider peace of mind that the information is always available.

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