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Dropbox vs Alternatives – A Guide to Choosing the Service That's Right for You

\"\"Cloud storage services are all the rage these days, as they allow for synchronization of your data across multiple devices and online, effectively also acting as a backup solution. They\’re also easy to use and inexpensive.
The Verge did a recently thorough comparison article on this very topic, comparing all of the most well known cloud storage solutions, allowing for an easy to understand approach when it comes to choosing the service that\’s right for you.
In a recent Security Now podcast episode, Steve Gibson also did a detailed review from a security standpoint of all the major cloud storage services, which can be a dealbreaker, depending on how security conscience you are, and what type of data you\’re adding to these services.
The article was prompted by Microsoft\’s revamped Skydrive, which is Microsoft\’s entry into the mix. It offers 7GB of free storage (Dropbox and others only offer 2GB).
\”SkyDrive starts things off right by offering 7GB of free storage, which is best in class,\” explains the Verge article. \”If you move quickly (and have used SkyDrive before), you can quickly nab 25GB of total free storage space. SkyDrive really excels at syncing documents created using OneNote and other Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.\”

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