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Edmonton Mayor Proclaims March 1st 'Change your PIN day'

\"\"Edmonton, Alberta Mayor Stephen Mandel has proclaimed March 1st as Change Your PIN Day in Edmonton.
A month-long awareness campaign kicked off today to address what has become a growing security and fraud concern.
\”Just last month, police issued an arrest warrant for ten men accused of skimming more than half a million dollars from at least 900 bank accounts in Edmonton,\” says an article on CTV\’s website. \” The fraudulent activity was traced back to Montréal where police believe the suspects were based.\”
Criminals are getting more clever in their attempts as well, so it\’s important to be aware of the latest scams and trends.
\”Police are seeing a trend where criminals tamper with a PIN pad,\” Cst. Elvin Toy of the Edmonton Police told Global News, \”[They] then hold onto the information they steal for as long as a year and a half. They will then take out money a year and a half later making it more difficult for police to track.\”
Modern chip-enabled debit and credit cards offer more protection, but we\’re still at the point where many businesses haven\’t upgraded their payment technology yet.
To change your PIN, you can visit your bank in person.
\”It\’s change your PIN day #yeg [Edmonton],\” said Julie Matthews on twitter, Global Edmonton\’s TroubleShooter. Be honest, when was the last time you changed yours? Don\’t become a victim. Change at least every 6 months! #eps #rcmp\”

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