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Email attachments – is there a better way?

It seems such a short time ago that our productivity was boosted as we quickly reached a stage where just about any document could be emailed to vendors, clients or collaborators. Now that we all do this, we\’re recognizing the fragmentation it causes when a various participants in a project want to make changes, perhaps even at the same time. It quickly becomes a burden to manage the updating and re-distribution of a document.
The above comic is quite apropos to the rapidly-changing environment of technology use, but the specific reference to a new approach that involves fewer or even no attachments may be something your organization should consider. There are many ways to collaborate, and even though Google Docs is a bit of a paradigm shift for many organizations that use the traditional desktop Microsoft Office package, please don\’t hesitate to ask your nerd for a demo and some possible use cases for your small business environment.
This Google video shows a brief overview of the types of problems that Google Docs solves (and in our experience works as advertised):

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