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Entrepreneurs Converge to Share Advice and Give Insights at Capital Ideas Events in Edmonton

An event in a string of gatherings called Capital Ideas held in Edmonton this week highlights the need for entrepreneurs to get together and share insights and experience in an effort to better our respective industries and build stronger business connections. The best part is – the entire event was live streamed and is available to watch on YouTube for those who couldn\’t attend, or want to experience the event again.

This is the first of many short videos, each covering different topics related to this week\’s theme of \’Should I Work With My Competition?\’.
One of our Nerds, Kevin Lloyd, who is based in Leduc, Alberta, was able to attend the event in person. He considered it an excellent opportunity to meet other local business owners and entrepreneurs in a supportive environment. He says being an entrepreneur is hard work, and events like this give you the energy to push through and succeed.
Some of the topics included:
How do you work with your competition?
Why work with your competition?
The benefits and problems of working with competition.
The Edmonton Journal organizes the events. Brittney Le Blanc and Karen Unland head the Edmonton Experiment team, whose goal is to bring entrepreneurs together and reach out to the community to inspire conversations. More details on the project can be found on their blog.
These events are incredibly engaging experiences that highlight the need for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect online through Social Media, but also in traditional ways. Twitter handles were on every name tag, and everyone was encouraged to network with other attendees after the panel was done.
If you live in the Edmonton area, you are encouraged to attend future events, the next of which will be held on August 1st at noon at the Edmonton Journal building. There is no cost to attend.

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