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Firesheep – the WORST and the BEST development in security for 2010

[thanks to Dennis Houseknecht for this post]
Firesheep is the WORST Firefox plug-in because it allows ANYONE who can install a Firefox plugin to completely compromise dozens of online services on any open wi-fi network.
It is the BEST because it forces online services to deal with the issue of plaintext cookies, which as been a problem for a long time. In fact, hackers with a LITTLE knowledge and the right tools have been able to do this for a long time – now ANYONE can do it.
Here is an \”online report card\” that will tell you how some of the most popular online services measure up.
And here is a tool that will warn you when someone is using firesheep on the network. It won\’t protect you, but at least it will provide you with fair warning.

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