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Geographically Redundant DNS

The Nerds On Site Hosting Team is proud to announce that we have launched our new geographically redundant DNS system, and are providing this new service absolutely free of charge to all of our hosting clients, both new and old. Our team is working hard to add this new service to every one of our existing clients, and is nearly done upgrading all hosting accounts. All new hosting accounts with Nerds On Site will automatically be protected by our new DNS service, which provides unprecedented levels of reliability and stability for all our hosting clients.
While geographically redundant DNS is not a first in the hosting industry, it is very rare, especially in the shared hosting world. Over the next few days, we will be posting a 3 part series of articles on geographically redundant DNS, answering the What, the Where and the Why. You will be able to read this series on our blog at, or you can subscribe to our feed at to be immediately updated as we post new articles.

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