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Good File Names for Web Files

\"searchingOur hosting systems run on Linux Operating Systems, and in the world of Linux and the Internet, file names are very important.  (You can read a good article on best practices for your file names here:  For this article, however, we just want to focus on the most critical issue that some people overlook – spaces in your file names.
On the Internet, spaces in a file name can cause issues.  For example, if you have a website link called pic of my dog.jpg, That URL will actually not work.  Instead, your browser will attempt to fill in those blank spaces with a code, such as %20.  Beyond looking weird, file names with spaces can cause problems when building your links, causing some visitors to end up at a \’404 – Page Not Found\’ error.
In addition, folders and files that have spaces in their names cause problems with our efforts to detect hacking and malware.  Many Linux-based programs can\’t properly read files or folders that have spaces in their name, and thus either skip them or do something unexpected.  Thus, folders and files with spaces in them can create vulnerabilities in our system.
To combat these issues, our hosting servers now automatically rename any folder or file that has spaces in them.  Thus, if you upload a new file to your website called neat pic of my dog.jpg, our system will automatically rename that file to neat_pic_of_my_dog.jpg.  This will prevent future issues.

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