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Google Apps: Some Clarification Thoughts

Recently, we published an article comparing our shared email service with Google Apps.  You can find this article here.  Since publishing the article, we\’ve realized that a few items in the article need clarification and updating.  We\’d like to share a few thoughts on Google Apps to clear up this misinformation.
In our original article, we mentioned that Google Apps provides 25GB of storage compared to unlimited storage for our shared email service.  While this is accurate, it is important to note that you can purchase increased space for Google Apps up to 16TB, which effectively is unlimited storage as well.
When comparing spam filtering, we mentioned that Google displays ads in their webmail interface, which has drawn criticism for possible privacy invasion.  However, it\’s important to note that the Google Apps for Business does not have these same ads displayed.  In addition, we have since learned that Google Apps displays their status here, though they do not provide historical uptime stats.
We also talked about Google Apps mobile capabilities, but left out some features.  Gmail offers a version optimized for mobile devices as well as the ability to sync with iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices with the ability to integrate with a Blackberry Enterprise Server.
When comparing two complex systems like Google Apps and our shared email service (powered by a SmarterMail platform) there are always bound to be a few features that get left out in a short blog post.
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