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Guard your home and work from adult content and malware

Parents and Small Business Owners: if you want to protect the people you love and are responsible for from accidental (or purposeful) visits to questionable content or malicious websites that distribute malware, you just need to stop for a few minutes and get this free service. While it involves some nerdy steps, many people are perfectly capable of following the steps outlined here. However, we have some important notes for you:

  • Router changes: If you are uncomfortable making router changes, feel free to contact your nerd and get a quote. If you don\’t have one, you can get a nerd here. Most of the time we can make these changes remotely.
  • Laptops and mobile devices: If you take your laptop to and from work/home, you really want to check with your IT if it will break anything. Ideally, you would make the router changes both at home and at work.
  • OpenDNS at Work: FamilyShield is free for home use, and it may not be appropriate for your business anyhow, but Nerds On Site can help with another OpenDNS solution that is suitable for your business.

Happy parenting and enterprising!

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