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Hack Someone Else's email for $100, Conficker Still Wreaking Havoc, and Another Reason to Use Firefox

Here\’s the reason that you should use a strong password for your webmail account. You may think those who may have personal reasons to want to get into your email account don\’t have the sophistication to hack it, but they don\’t need any hacking skills at all – they just need $100. Think about it – sooner or later someone is going to want to hurt you or see what is in your mailbox. $100 is and your password are the only things standing in their way.
Months after we have stopped talking about Conficker, it is still costing some folks a lot of money. Perimeter defenses notwithstanding, one employee with an infected computer at HOME, and a USB flash drive used to transfer files, was all it took to cause this London (UK, not Ontario) council a lot of money. An internal vulnerability scan, endpoint security, or locking down USB ports could have averted this.
Most of us are Firefox users – because there are so many great add-ons and features. Here is one more, and it doesn\’t even require an add-on. Future versions of Firefox will automatically check for vulnerable versions of Flash. Flash vulnerabilities are one of the most common ways of infecting unsuspecting web-surfers.
Dennis H in West Virginia, US
September 8, 2009

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