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Help Resolve Minor Issues with Your Computer By Creating a List of Annoyances

Want to help your I.T. department better understand how you use your workstation, and some of the issues that annoy you on a daily basis? Create a list! We all have a list in our heads of the little things that bug us when we use our computers.
For the most part, we put up with it and accept it as something we can\’t do anything about, or we figure the I.T. department is too busy with other things to worry about it.
Although they may be busy, they would surely appreciate the occasional email from some staff members alerting them to little issues, as some of them may turn into major issues later on, or may be linked to other issues.
We encourage all of our clients to put together a list of issues or problems they encounter so we can be made aware of them and address them, be it immediately or in the future. This helps us better understand the network, and improve user experience.
We especially emphasize creating a list during the Needs Assessment (part of our 3 N\’s process). Once we understand the network and concerns, we can recommend and implement changes (Normalization), then maintain the technology (NerdCare).

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