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'Here You Have' Virus Spreads Like Wildfire

A relatively new trojan attack (as of Thursday) is spreading through email. The subjects are \”Here You Have\” or \”Just For You\”. The email contains a malicious link that suggests it is a PDF document, but when clicked, a virus infects your computers. The trojan has infected countless machines at companies around the world.
The domain linked to via the malicious link is no longer active, but infected computers are still spamming email contacts with the email. When the virus infects a computer, it installs itself in the Windows directory, then e-mails all of the contacts in your address book. It is also spreading also spreads to any other networked computers, and to USB thumbdrives and external hard drives. It then attempts to download files and remove security software.
How do you prevent from being infected? Don’t click suspicious links in email, even if you recognize who sent it to you. Also, have you updated your virus definitions lately? All major vendors have updated their programs to handle this worm.
Here are some recent articles regarding this new threat:,2817,2368949,00.asp – this is the ABC story regarding this attack

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