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Hosting NerdCare Assurance: Disaster Recovery

Yesterday, in our continuing series on NerdCare Assurance, we wrote about the depth and breadth of our backup procedures for our NerdCare clients. Today we want to talk for moment about why we want those backups.
Every day, over 3500 business websites are hacked. With the sheer number of servers world-wide hosting websites, inevitably one is crashing at any given moment. While Nerds On Site takes every precaution to protect against every conceivable threat and risk for our hosting clients, it is still best to plan for the worst.
As part of our Assurance packages, Nerds On Site will restore any damage to your site by utilizing our backup system. Since data restores on our system are generally measured in seconds, it’s usually the quickest way to recover from a disaster, no matter how large or small.
Consider the following scenario – one of your employees is logged into your website, making some minor changes. Suddenly, and quite by accident, this employee deletes a file, or perhaps a folder. Now your website is possibly inactive, or missing crucial information your clients need. With another provider you would then have to go through the old procedure of calling them up, waiting on hold, and hoping that they have a backup of the data. Inevitably, if you find that they do have a backup, it will cost you money to restore the data, and perhaps take upwards of 24 hours while they look through their tapes for the information. At Nerds On Site, a quick phone call to your dedicated Nerd, or a quick email to our dedicated team, and the damage is restored free of charge.
This level of support translates really resulting a protection of your image and brand, as well assuring the quickest possible response times and smallest amount of downtime. At the end of the day, Hosting NerdCare Assurance will have a direct effect on your bottom line, by ensuring that your website is up all the time!

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