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How Google Runs Meetings More Efficiently — Like a Hungry Startup

The larger an organization grows, the more people are involved in making things happen. Many will agree that they spend too much time in meetings – time that could be better spent actually being productive and getting work done. In a recent news article, Google explains how it runs meetings like a hungry startup, rather than a 30,000 person company.
–Every meeting must have one clear decision maker. If there\’s no decision maker,  or no decision to be made — the meeting shouldn\’t happen.
–No more than 10 people should attend.
–Every person should give input, otherwise they shouldn\’t be there.
–No decision should ever wait for a meeting. If a meeting absolutely has to happen before a decision should be made, then the meeting should be scheduled immediately.
These rules sound like common sense\”, says the article on Business Insider, \”but they often disappear as companies get large and people call meetings more for political or ego-boosting reasons than to actually get anything done.

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