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How Our Residential Service Works

Here\’s a comprehensive look at how our residential service calls work.
1. Client receives callback from Nerd offering to help
2. During callback, Nerd and client go over the issues being faced, followed by a flat rate quote in in an expected \’range\’. Price may change once on-site and a complete assessment is done.
3. Payment type is confirmed (we only accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).
4. An on-site service call is scheduled leaving a one-hour window.
5. Nerd confirms if client is a coffee drinker in anticipation of picking up a beverage on the way to the service call.
6. Nerd checks inventory for any required stock.
7. Nerd calls ahead before arriving on-site, and picks up a beverage for the client, unless client declined.
8. Nerd removes shoes once on-site as per policy.
9. Nerd has a 10-15 discussion while performing the Needs Assessment, followed by quote service.
10. Client is impressed with how much we know, but even more so by the fact that we do not speak nerd-speak, but rather normal-speak. Client is able to talk freely as much as they like about technology and not be intimidated.
11. Nerd delivers solutions to client, and at the same time engaging client as a consultant and provide other recommendations to client, leaving a lasting personal impression.
12. After solutions are provided, client order is generated, their credit card is charged, and client is informed via email that an invoice has been created.
13. A couple of days later, the client receives a follow-up call to ensure the issues faced remain resolved.
14. During the service call,  the Nerd may offer one of our residential  NerdCare Assurance plans.

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