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How To Get a Transfer Code

These are the general guidelines that need to be followed before a domain name can be transferred:
1.  Domain privacy services need to be disabled.
2.  Verify that your administrative email address in the domain registration record is accurate.
3.  Your domain needs to be unlocked.
4.  Acquire your domain\’s transfer authorization code (also referred to as an EPP or auth code) from the current registration service provider.
If your domain is registered with any of the registration service providers below, click on its link for step-by-step tutorials:

Domain transfers will be outright rejected if:

  • the domain name is locked
  • the domain name was registered or transferred in the past 60 days
  • the authorization code provided is invalid (this tutorial will show you how to obtain the authorization code)
  • the domain name is in redemption
  • there is an unresolved domain dispute (a form of registrar lock)
  • if the domain is a .ca, any WHOIS changes will auto-lock the domain for 60 days

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