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How to Make Windows 8 Work More like Windows 7

Nerds On Site has been consistently hearing from clients and the general public about their dislike of Windows 8, how different it is, and how it really feels like change for the sake of change, despite Microsoft\’s best intentions.
There are a few programs (free or minimal cost) that will cause Windows 8 to act more like Windows 7, especially in regards to bringing back the Start Menu. It won\’t look exactly like previous versions of Windows, but it\’ll be much more intuitive and familiar than the tiled interface of Windows 8.
RetroUI adds a Start Menu to Windows 8, but it won\’t function exactly like Windows 7. It is more of a hybrid, and makes Windows 8 easier to understand. ($4.95 and up)
Classic Shell
Classic Shell will make Windows 8 function much more like Windows 7. (FREE)
Start 8

Start 8 adds a very intuitive Start Menu to Windows 8. ($4.99)

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