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Identity Theft and how you may be contributing

17 (yes SEVENTEEN) identities are stolen every single minute, according to FTC estimates, which estimates 9 million identities are stolen per year.
There are many methods that thieves use, including online contests. If you sign up, you may unwittingly be participating in the still-growing problem of identity theft.
Here\’s an example of a contest that could be 100% legitimate:
\"\"You will notice they are asking for a Date of Birth. If you supply them your accurate Date of Birth, you are giving them a critical piece of information to steal your identity.
Online contest organizers do have a legitimate concern to avoid abuse by multiple entries. By asking for a Date of Birth, they have a false sense of security that the abuse will be avoided. However, the problem is exacerbated because abusers will work around it by providing random Dates of Birth, and unwitting participants may be giving up their real Date of Birth.
For context owners that may be reading this, there are many alternate methods of avoiding abuse without asking for unreasonable personally-identifiable information including Social Insurance Number/Social Security Number or other national identification. For example, Facebook can be used as a platform to register contestants. There is sufficient trust in the Facebook ecosystem (although admittedly not everyone is on it, so you\’re excluding part of your audience from participating). Then again, you\’re excluding savvy business owners by asking for personally-identifiable information.
For what it\’s worth, there\’s no way Facebook is getting my real Date of Birth. I suggest you consider carefully who may have access to your actual Date of Birth, and take whatever measures necessary to keep a low profile so you don\’t become an identity theft victim, too!

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