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Major companies do not house IT services internally anymore and anyone who does is living in the past. Hewlett Packard prepares to cut 9,000 IT employees, as outsourcing IT is becoming the way companies solve their tech problems.
London, Ontario.
As fast as technology is changing, so are the capabilities of companies to maintain in-house technology departments.  Outsourcing these services has become increasingly less expensive, less complicated and more efficient.  Global powerhouse companies, such as Hewlett-Packard Co., are moving forward with this trend as they have recently announced that they will be gradually cutting 9,000 in-house IT positions globally.
International IT Solutions provider Nerd On Site views their way of doing business as the NEW way!
Change is inevitable and necessary as companies continually try to keep costs low and efficiency high.  Nerds On Site views this as a positive opportunity.  They have not only been servicing businesses all over the globe by making it easy and affordable to outsource IT since 1995, but have also created entrepreneurial opportunities for talented IT professionals.  Nerds On Site is quickly growing as the concept of ‘cloud computing’ increases in popularity.  Companies no longer need to be concerned with housing and maintaining large servers and the stress and worry of network ‘down time’ is drastically cut.
Nerds On Site is proud to announce they can offer a new start for those employees who will be out of a job by recruiting them to become EntrepreNerds.  Nerds On Site prides themselves on encouraging Nerds to be their own boss while providing a global network of support.
Eliminate the threat of layoff by becoming your own boss.  Become an EntrepreNerd!
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Veronica Bulmer in Windsor Ontario, CA
June 28, 2010

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