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iPhone Security Flaw Lets You Make a Phone Call When Phone is Locked

A flaw was recently discovered with the iPhone (all models) that lets anyone make a phone call without needing to unlock an iPhone.
For those interested, when you press the \”home\” button, Swipe your finger to bring up the passcode screen will appear. Press \”Emergency Call\”, and type in any numbers. Press the call button and immediately press the sleep button on the top of the phone. You will be taken to the Phone app. You can now access phone numbers, voicemails, and the full contact list, including photos.
According to a CNET article on the topic, Apple has promised to patch the flaw with iOS 4.1 update in November.
Anyone that owns an iPhone should be using a security key code in order to access iPhone features and to make calls.In case an iPhone is lost or stolen, it\’s a deterrent to people snooping around on your phone, and can protect your data, including your contact list. Always keep your iPhone at arm\’s length to prevent anyone who may want to access your information.
It\’s easy to setup the passcode under \”settings\”, \”general\”, and creating a passcode  by tapping \”passcode lock\”.

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