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Is your website as secure as it could be?

The world of website security is a quickly changing, shifting environment. One moment your website may be as secure as you could make it, and the next moment a new vulnerability may be found in the site. The hundreds of thousands of clients world-wide using Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress are the most at risk. Due to the popularity of these systems, hackers have learned that they merely have to find a vulnerability in one copy of Joomla to infect over a hundred thousand websites at virtually the same time.
This week so far has been a somewhat special week in Joomla security particularly, as the Joomla security team has released two security patches, only days apart. If your company is running a Joomla CMS website, has your team upgraded your site to the latest version? What this done twice already this week?
At Nerds On Site, we offer NerdCare Assurance packages to our Joomla clients (as well as clients using any other CMS system), and all our NerdCare Assurance clients were upgraded by our team this week. First, our team upgraded all of our clients on Monday, using the latest patches available that day. Then, late last night our team upgraded all our clients again, using the 1.5.17 patch that was released at that time. This service offers peace-of-mind to our client. By having NerdCare Assurance protecting their website, they never have to worry about the latest patches and security releases, as our team will take care of that for free, no matter how many new patches are released in a week.
Is your website protected by a NerdCare Assurance plan? Contact our team to learn more!

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