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Is Your Website Ready for Cyber Monday?

November 29 will be Cyber Monday, and the question you should be asking yourself right now is: are you ready?
The term Cyber Monday started in 2005, following an especially high volume of online sales on the Monday after Black Friday in 2004. In 2009, web surfers spent $887M online on Cyber Monday. What is critical to realize, is that Cyber Monday brings a marked increase in web traffic across all websites, and that includes yours.
There are two items that you should be looking at right now to ensure that you are not embarrassed on November 29 and that you don\’t miss out a significant revenue stream.
Let\’s address the embarrassment first. Along with a sharp spike in website visitors, you can expect a sharp increase in the bandwidth usage of your website. Here is why this is important to you: most web hosting companies have a cap in place on the bandwidth allowed by your website. Once the bandwidth usage spikes on Monday, you can expect one of two outcomes. First, your website might be shut down with a message that states you\’ve gone over your bandwidth allotment. Second, you may get a very large and unexpected bill at the end of the month for bandwidth overage charges.
By moving your website to Nerds On Site today, you can avoid all of these problems. Nerds On Site offers all our shared hosting clients unlimited bandwidth. What this means to your company is that you never have to worry about sudden traffic spikes like the upcoming Cyber Monday.
The next item to consider is whether your website is ready to capitalize on the increased traffic. Do you have systems in place to allow customers to immediately pay you for services or product? On Cyber Monday, many clients will be visiting your website in the mood to spend some money, and if you don\’t have processes in place to take advantage of this, you will lose out on your fair share of the possible $1 billion that will be spent on Monday.
Contact our team (or call 1-877-MY-NERDS) today to learn how we can quickly help you ensure that Cyber Monday is a success for your business!

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